With Third Person Dealer to Dealer Marketing, Harley-Davidson Met a 6-month Sales Goal in Just 3 Days
Third Person Franchise Advertising & Marketing let Batteries Plus reduce ad costs by more than 50% without hurting results
Third Person Franchise Advertising & Marketing helped Valpak increase sales leads by 1,745%

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Franchise Marketing Ain't Rocket Science - But You Still Need to Do it Right.

Just about anyone can get you the stuff you need. But, getting great results requires you to work with an agency with the right blend of creativity, chemistry & cost for you.

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Franchise Marketing in which Your Customer Comes First

They are the customers who buy your products, the employees who fulfill on your offer, investors who give you the money, and they are the ones who make YOU successful.

Get to know your customers better than you thought possible with Third Person's unique customer awareness services —Experience Mapping™ and Plural™. These services will help you boost marketing ROI, elevate brand awareness, increase your bottom line, and eliminate wasteful media spending.

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3 Franchise Audiences + 1 Brand strategy = Successful Advertising

The most successful franchise advertising, marketing & web design strategies utilize one consistent brand "voice" to speak to each unique audience. Third Person helps franchises make the messaging to each audience unique and effective, while retaining the brand consistency that's so vital to franchise success.

Advertising and Marketing to improve Franchisee Recruitment by increasing leads and sales

  • Direct response marketing
  • Online lead generation
  • Sales presentation tools
  • Experiential marketing for discovery days

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Advertising and Marketing to Improve Franchisee Retention

  • Local marketing tools
  • Experiential marketing for annual meetings
  • Online educational tools
  • Local tagging for national advertising campaigns

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Advertising and marketing strategies to increase franchise Consumer Awareness

  • National, regional, local and online advertising
  • Strategic marketing plans
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Search marketing & SEO

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