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  • February 10, 2012
    IFA Convention, Orlando, FL
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    Multi-Unit Franchising Conference, Las Vegas, NV
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    Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference, San Francisco, CA
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November 01, 2011

Franchise Consumer Research - Get to Know Your Best Customers and Find More Like Them

Franchise Customer Marketing Research Services provided by Third Person, Inc. Advertising & Web DesignYou already know that your customers are important to your business. They are the ones who help you pay all the bills.

But, did you know your best customers also hold the key to boosting your marketing ROI, elevating your brand awareness, increasing your bottom line, and eliminating wasteful media spending?

It's time to get know your best customers even better with Third Person, Inc.'s customer awareness services.

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October 24, 2011

The 10 Commandments of Franchise Marketing

The 10 Franchise Marketing Commandments to Get Better ROITo get the results you need from your marketing and advertising efforts, you have a few choices... You can pray that your efforts will succeed and see what that gets your. Or, you can follow the 10 Marketing Commandments - proven strategies that will win you the favor of your customers, bosses & bottom line.

Thou shall:

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October 10, 2011

2 Crucial Elements For Franchise Trade Show Success

As you plan your show invitations, graphics, give-aways, inbooth events and more, allow us to remind you to plan two of the most crucial, yet often neglected, elements of your trade show success — Saying hello and thank you.


When planning your franchise annual meeting or trade show, remember to say hello & thanksTo get people into your booth, very few things rival the results you’ll get from simply having an outgoing, personable greeter saying hello to everyone that passes by.

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June 28, 2011

In Franchise Marketing, Start By Measuring Up Your Customer

For Effective Advertising, You Must Understand Your CustomerYup, to do advertising right stop thinking demographics and start thinking psychographics. That doesn't mean there has to be a Dr. in front of your name, but you do need to understand people and you can't just stop there. Once you understand, then you need to apply what you've learned.

No, it's not the sit-back-on-a-leather-couch-and-tell-me-everything sort of psychology. Instead, it's segmenting your customers based upon their beliefs, values, opinions, motivations, etc. Psychographics give you a more "life-like" picture of your customers.

For example, take the car buying process. Susan is looking to buy a new car. Demographics can tell you that she is a 57-year-old married woman with a six-figure salary living in the Greater Milwaukee Area. However, demographics cannot tell you why Susan will eventually choose a Toyota Prius over a more luxury vehicle. That’s where psychographics come in.

So, why use psychographics? Two reasons...

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