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Getting Gold From Old Marketing Channels

Milwaukee Advertising Agency, Third Person, helps franchise marketers strike advertising gold with 'old' marketing channels

MILWAUKEE, WI – Our Partner of Strategic Marketing, Melinda Caughill, just had another piece published today by  Franchise Update, a leading trade publication for the franchise industry.

"The topic of this article is very timely," said Melinda. "Marketing and advertising professionals everwhere are being innudated with messages that tell them that the most important marketing mediums are anything and everything digital — and nothing else. But, we all know that it's still very possible to also achieve marketing and advertising ROI from the more traditional mediums too, like television, direct mail, outdoor, and guerrilla marketing. You just have to know when and how to use those channels. This article gives readers some pretty sound and simple strategies that they can use right away."

Sound interesting? Read the full article, "Mining 'Gold' From 'Old' Marketing Channels" now at