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Finding the Right Advertising Agency for You — Pt 1: Creativity

Maximing your ROI from franchise marketing requires finding the right advertising agency At our agency, we firmly believe that marketing isn't rocket science.  The truth is, although most marketing and advertising companies would HATE that I'm saying this, most firms can deliver what you want to some degree...

(Ready for it? Here comes that "but.")

BUT if you need to get results from those marketing, advertising, and web site efforts, you can't rely on just any old agency.  Getting the work is one thing.  Getting work that WORKS for you is an entirely different animal.

The Third Person's Theory of the Three C's states that getting results from your marketing strategies requires that you need an ad agency with the unique combination of The Three C's — Creativity, Cost & Chemistry —  that's right for you.


Finding an advertising agency that matches the creative tolerace of your franchise organization is important.Think of it as the headlines, the concept, the design of your marketing and advertising. This is also the stuff that gets the attention of your target audience, helps you to stand apart from your competitors, and makes your message memorable. Too little creativity and your message gets lost in the crowd, never to meet the eyes of your customer.  But, if there's too much, you'll confuse your audience and they'll forget you the moment they turn around.

TAKE AWAY: Look for an agency with enough creativity to excite you, but also one still capable of getting your message to the customer loud and clear.

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