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Finding the Right Advertising Agency for You — Pt 3: Chemistry

Maximum franchise marketing results require working with an advertising agency with the right blend of creativity, cost and chemistry for you.At our agency, we firmly believe that marketing isn't rocket science.  The truth is, although most marketing and advertising companies would HATE that I'm saying this, most firms can deliver what you want to some degree...

(Ready for it? Here comes that "but.")

BUT — while just about anyone can deliver marketing, advertising, and web site products — getting actual results and ROI from those efforts is an entirely different thing.  For that, you must find an agency with the just the right blend of The Three C's — Creativity, Cost & Chemistry, for you.

Chemistry between a franchise and ad agency is critical to franchise marketing successCHEMISTRY:

Although this is the last of the three articles, this topic could easily be considered the most critical.

The business of advertising is all about the relationships between clients and agencies.

You can get great results from an agency, but if you don't trust the people you work with, avoid taking their phone calls, or just plum "don't like 'em", the likelihood of your retaining that advertising agency — despite results or costs — are slim.

Now, that's not to say you need to be best friends with the people at your advertising agency.  (In fact, it's pretty imperative that you're not, but more on that in a bit…) But, in order for a client-agency relationship to work, you've got to have some chemistry.

Here are some key indicators of whether or not you'll have chemistry with an agency…

Risk Tolerance...

  • Do you prefer your advertising and marketing to play it safe or push the limits?  Those who prefer to play it safe need their advertising dollars to achieve a certain result — no matter what.  Those who push the limits don't mind trying new approaches that – could be a big bust, but also have the potential to decimate the results of any previous campaign.  Once you know your risk tolerance, look for an agency that respects that.  If you need to play it safe, it'll be annoying to have an agency continually presenting you with ideas that you know you'd never, ever use.  Or, if you want to push the limits, getting creative ideas that have a "been there, done that" feel to them will be disheartening.

Management Style...

  • Do you prefer to be more hands-on or off with your ad agency?  Do you want to help your agency come up with the ideas or suggest designs to use? Or, do you prefer to just leave it to the experts? Do you want to know on a daily basis what's going on with your projects, or do you want all progress updates to come at one time in a weekly or monthly meeting? It's important to understand how you want to work with an agency and share your expectations with your potential agency.  Some agencies will welcome you into their brainstorming sessions while others are not set up in a manner to do so. 

Communication Style...

  • When you have meetings, do you like to get straight to business or do you prefer to have some light, lively conversations first?  Do you want to know if your agency peers have kids, dogs, an ailing mom, etc. or do you prefer to keep to the agenda?  Do you prefer to lead meetings or do you want your agency to do it?  Do you prefer to communicate via email, telephone or texting?  Understanding these can make it a lot easier to find a compatible agency.

Too Much Chemistry?

On a final note, it is possible to have too much chemistry to do business together.  Beware of family and friends who ask for special agency discounts or favors. This signifies a lack of respect for the agency as a business entity. On the other hand, beware of agency friends who don't meet their deadlines or skimp on your work.  It signifies that the agency does not value the client.  If these warning signs appear, have a frank discussion immediately or simply terminate any such relationship.  It'll save heartache in the end.

TAKE AWAY:  Chemistry is critical to an agency-client relationship. Without it, you'll have a hard time working together which will show in the results you get.

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