The Third Person Advertising & Marketing Difference

Third Person is an advertising, marketing and web design company that achieves
exceptional results by always putting the customers of our clients first.

Your Franchise Customer Comes First

Your customer comes first.

We named our company "Third Person" to remind us that our most important job is to see things from your audiences' point of view. By always approaching the marketing, advertising and web sites from the end user's point of view, the unique, efficient, and appealing communications we create ultimately help YOU succeed.

Your Franchise Marketing & Advertising Results Matter

Results matter.

Your advertising and marketing can be as pretty, understated or brash as you like, but if it doesn't grab the attention of your customers, get leads or sell some stuff, what was the point? Foremost, Third Person creates work that works for your bottom line.
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Marketing Ain't Rocket Science

Marketing ain't rocket science.

Forget the marketing theory du jour. It's all the same basic stuff with a different packaging, and, truthfully, most marketing firms can deliver what you need to some degree. But, to get meaningful results, you need an agency with the right blend of creativity, cost & chemistry for YOU. For many quality franchse companies that agency is Third Person.
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Integrity in Franchise Marketing & Advertising is Integral to Who We Are

Integrity is integral to who we are.

All quality relationships are built on trust. We deeply honored by the trust our clients and their customers put in us. Each and every day, we strive to be worthy of that trust by embodying the Golden Rule. For us, this means that we treat everyone we work with — our employees, vendors, clients, customers, friends, family and admirers alike — the way we want to be treated.