Get Results from Your Franchise Advertising & Franchise Web Design

The most successful franchise advertising, marketing & web strategies utilize one
consistent “brand voice” to speak to each unique audience.

Third Person helps franchises define and establish their brand — its values, tone of voice, imagery, talking points. By clearly defining your brand, you're ensuring that it can be used consistently, no matter the medium, audience or offer. Then, with consistent usage,
your customers easily recognize your company and recall what it offers them.


Franchisee Recruitment Print Advertising: Franchisee Recruitment Print Advertising: Franchisee Recruitment Print Advertising: Franchisee Recruitment Web Site Design with SEO and Search Engine Advertising
Franchisee Recruitment

Helping franchises recruit new franchisees is a critical measure of success. Yet, this can be one of the most challenging ventures for a franchise. Third Person works with franchise organizations to help you to better and more successfully reach your target audience through:

  • Direct response marketing
  • Online lead generation
  • Sales presentation tools
  • Experiential marketing for discovery days much more

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Consumer Awareness

It's impossible to be a successful franchise organization without customers. Third Person strives to always put your customer first — resulting in more effective advertising and marketing, better per unit performance, and the highest levels of brand intergrity. much more

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Franchisee Retention

Having successful franchisees is critical for the growth of franchises. But individual franchisee success can not happen with the continuous training, support and communication from the franchisor. Third Person helps franchises take these communications to the next level with:

  • Local marketing tools
  • Experiential marketing for annual meetings
  • Online educational & brand management tools
  • Local tags for national advertising much more